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18 Feb 2006    

It's somewhat complimentary, in a way...
Dear Steve: I wrote you but you still ain't bloggin'.I left my AIM, my MSN AND my ICQ at the bottom.I sent you 12 emails, you must not have got 'em;You prob'ly got a PC where the spam detector blocks 'em.Anyways, fuck it. What's up, Steve, how's Tim?And how's that dude Rob? You still fightin' with him?Guess what? I signed up with Blogspot. Now I'm a blogger too!It's called 'What have you learned t...
2006-02-18 23:55 Hi, My Name Is Steve, and I Am a Sex Addict
Tendulkar, Pathan rested for fifth ODI
India will go to the Sunday game with all guns blazing, while the hosts will be desperate to salvage some pride. [Full Story] [Click here to bet on Cricket matches] [Click here for live Cricket score updates] Related Stories:- All the very best: Team India to Under-19 squad We have not played good cricket: Inzamam Hussain ‘fida’ over Indo-Pak cricket colours
2006-02-18 23:51 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Sugasm #22: All for you
The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter “Q”. Queens and Holy Bitches (deltaofvenus.blogsp.. Removal Procedures (alwaysarousedgirl.b.. The Seduction (barelace.blogspot.c.. Sex in Libraries: An Introduction (….. Shopping Trip ( Slave For A Day (talkingdirty....
2006-02-18 23:50 Figleaf's Real Adult Sex
The State of Our Union Address
There hasn't been much talk around here about the state of our union lately. I'm sure that many of you are already thinking, Ho, hum, here she goes again. Whine. Whine. Whine. Why haven't they just called it a day,...
2006-02-18 23:44 nakedjen
Sex Advice: A Great Lover?
Most men aren’t really clear on what they think a great lover is, but most would like to become one. So what make women sigh and tell their girlfriends about a guy after the first time they make love? What makes a man so appealing and successful with many women? First off, women like to [...]
2006-02-18 23:40 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day
I held onto her breasts and started suckling on them while my dick ploughed deep into her, sowing the seeds of passion and lust! I could feel my dick being lubricated after every thrust and the harder she fucked me, the louder she started moaning. Since my dick was slightly curved, she had her own [...]
2006-02-18 23:37 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Recommended reading!!
DTG over at Pussy Talk has come upon an unbelievable treasure. Here's a little quote from her blog: ...a friend who was renovating the attic of an old wood-framed house in a tiny village near here discovered stuffed into a cranny under the floorboards the most remarkable collection of erotica that I have ever had the pleasure—and do I mean pleasure, boys and girls---to peruse... She's published ...
2006-02-18 23:06 urbanstud
Tigh blonde
2006-02-18 23:00 La Framboise
A great post in Eros Blog: The Sex Blog — By Bacchus
A tale of two smiles — By Bacchus He always does a good and merry job of both celebrating and commenting on sexuality, and he’s definitely kink friendly, but I think his commentary about a particular model at Hogtied is exceptionally clear and concise: here is why 2257 and related laws scare us, here’s why [...]
2006-02-18 22:41 Ki Musubi: the Knotty Energies
Ele pede á namorada para lhe dar uma "mãozinha", mas ela não sabe como faze-lo ;))Nada como ensina-la. O resultado é que não é o esperado. Mas quem lhe manda a ele dizer que se faz da mesma forma que com a garrafa de Ketchup :)))
2006-02-18 22:39 MINETE REAL
Tout en clic, photographie de charme
Tout en clic, photographie de charme. Monsieur est photographe et photographe de charme. Comme il le dit si bien : "la photo de charme est un moyen d'immortaliser la beauté naturelle de la femme. Les accessoires tels que les...
2006-02-18 22:20 ToucheSexy
Game: Thing Thing Arena
Click here to play now! Create your own character and enter the Death Arena where you must survive for as long as possible and shoot down all enemies. Post scores in the comments. Sign up for a 100% free account with to play exclusive XXX games.
2006-02-18 22:01 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
The spanking of Phil
Reader Phil was kind enough to send Aunty this pic of his pretty bottom receiving a sound spanking. It seems naughty Phil neglected to clean his house, and his lady friend felt drastic action was needed to change his sloppy ways. Phil writes: When this shot was taken I was getting it relatively easily with a nice, floppy leather paddle that had fur on one side. But you can also see the much...
2006-02-18 22:01 Aunty Agony
Joke: Dangerous Scam!! WARNING
Another good joke sent in by Shahnawaz: I am a victim of the latest scam which is happening in shopping mall parking lots. Two good looking young women come to your car as you are parking, one starts wiping your windshield with a rag and the other comes to your window and bends over so far [...]
2006-02-18 21:55 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Veronica Zemanova nue
Veronica Zemanova nue. Veronica Zemanova est aguerrie à la photo hot. La brune Veronica Zemanova va bientôt s'allonger sur son dessus de lit chamarré non pas pour s'endormir mais réveiller-éveiller le désir qui est en elle. Veronica Zemanova offre...
2006-02-18 21:53 ToucheSexy
Baby trade booms at hospitals
The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 5 Num 614 One can easily buy a newborn babe for a few thousand taka, to keep or abuse as one wishes, at no other place than the downtown Dhaka Medical College Hospital and some clinics in its vicinity. Every month, some two dozen infants change hands at the country's largest public hospital and the so-called clinics, sources said, adding the buyers in most cases ...
2006-02-18 21:48 Kama: Devadasi Escort
The Photographer
"You do understand the nature of the photographs we'll be shooting," Carl asked, "I just want to get everything out in the open so that later on we don't have a problem!?!" "I understand," the matronly female replied, "most of...
2006-02-18 21:41 Erotic Stories
Spouse swapping becomes an urban Indian sexual more
Mahesh Bhupathi tries it out with Martina Navratilova on the tennis court, but Indians, at large, don’t play mixed doubles in their social milieu — which is why Mixed Doubles didn’t exactly set the cash registers ringing. Right? [Full Story] “This is not pseudo-Westernisatio.. but true Indianisation,” exclaims sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari. “We are going back [...]
2006-02-18 21:40 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
More Shiny Bikinis
Hot bikini babe Britney Skye nude brought to you by Twistys
2006-02-18 21:32 News for perverts |
Gay rights group claim victory against Muslim leader- from Pink News- all the latest gay news from the gay community - Pink News
Gay rights group claim victory against Muslim leader- from Pink News- all the latest gay news from the gay community - Pink News: "The gay rights group, Outrage!, claim that Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain was forced to withdraw from making a key note address at the trade union-sponsored 'Unite Against Fascism' conference held in London today, following prote...
2006-02-18 21:21 News for perverts |
Bollywood Actor's Phone Stolen, Theif Want Sex
Mumbai Mirror: "Nishit Verma, who had a role in the Amitabh-starrer Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo, paid a heavy price for losing his mobile phone. Instead of selling the handset, the thief sent out an SMS saying ‘Can we have sex tonight? Please reply by SMS’ to several people on the contact list. He lost his phone last week while dining at Sun ‘N’ Sand in Juhu. “I was stunned when I ...
2006-02-18 21:19 News for perverts |
Craigslist Crackdown
Lowell Sun Online - Local: "PELHAM, N.H. -- When Pelham Conservation Commissioner Robert Yarmo is arraigned in Nashua District Court on March 8, he will answer to misdemeanor charges of prostitution. According to Sgt. Scott Childs of the Nashua Police Department's Problem Oriented Policing Unit, no distinction is made in New Hampshire between those offering sex for money or those soliciting sex. ...
2006-02-18 21:17 News for perverts |
Hot bikini babe Lolana nude brought to you by Twistys
2006-02-18 21:14 News for perverts |
Sugasm #22
The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter “Q”. Queens and Holy Bitches (deltaofvenus.blogsp.. Removal Procedures (alwaysarousedgirl.b.. The Seduction (barelace.blogspot.c.. Sex in Libraries: An Introduction (…) Shopping Trip ( Slave For A Day (talkingdirty.blogsp.. Smells Like Va...
2006-02-18 21:01 AlwaysArousedGirl
Tonight I sit watching another movie on tv that's been editted within an inch of its life. I wish I were watching it with you. Tonight I'll have take out Chinese food that'll be too greasy and upset my stomach. I wish I was eating it with you. Tonight it'll be cold when I go to bed and pull the covers over me. I wish I was going to bed with you. Tomorrow I'll start another day without you. Because...
2006-02-18 21:01 Anyone's Girl
Blonde on Blonde
“Jefferson? Hi, I’m Emma.” “Hi, Emma.” I kissed her cheek. “Come in, come in.” I closed the door and turned back to her for a second look. Oh good, I thought. She’s pretty. Emma and I were meeting through rather unusual circumstances. Last summer, I met her son Carl at one of my male orgies.Carl and I fooled around at the party. Afterwards, we went out to dinner with a few of the g...
2006-02-18 20:49 One Life, Take Two
Giant Squid Sex Life
Schneier on Security: Friday Squid Blogging: Giant Squid Sex Life: "The bizarre sex life of the giant squid is one of the topics at an international cephalopod conference in Hobart this week. Marine biologists are continuing to unlock the secrets of the giant squid, saying the deep-sea monster may not be a cannibal as previously thought. It was thought the species was cannibalistic when parts of...
2006-02-18 20:44 News for perverts |
Sugasm #22
The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter “Q”. Queens and Holy Bitches (deltaofvenus.blogsp.. Removal Procedures (alwaysarousedgirl.b.. The Seduction (barelace.blogspot.c.. Sex in Libraries: An Introduction (…)) Shopping Trip ( Slave For A Day (talkingdirty.blogsp.. Sme...
2006-02-18 20:38 Viviane's Sex Carnival
Street Blowjobs
Full review: Street Blowjobs
2006-02-18 19:57 Softr
Les conseils du JDP n°10 - Dites-le en chantant
Quand vous êtes face à une jolie fille, des tonnes de questions vous traversent l'esprit. Par exemple : "Est-ce que tu veux tremper ton sein dans mon verre ?" ou "Est-ce que tu acceptes par derrière ?" ou encore "Tu veux pas venir avec moi dans la salle de bain que je te montre mon truc ?". Impossible de les poser, vous passeriez pour un gros pervers. Alors la prochaine fois essayez en chanson...
2006-02-18 19:47 JOURNAL DU PORN
smells like spunk and sugasm #22
You know how it is sometimes, certain words or phrases generate a stubborn and wildly erotic image that neither sense nor satiation can shake. And so it's been for me this week after reading Sabrina's sweet sugasm entry smells like vanilla. She uses an expression which sexually snared me, 'ripe for ripping'. I wrote and told her how horny it made me but she doesn't yet know she inspired a sel...
2006-02-18 19:39 Myths and Metawhores - Sexual Homoeopathy
Q&A; about Don
I have been getting quite a few questions about the Don posts so I thought I would post some of them here in case others have wanted to ask but have been too shy. Really I am open to questions on don't worry you will be upsetting me or intruding. How do you feel about posting about all this for everyone to read? I don't mind posting it for everyone to read. For the most part blogging
2006-02-18 19:14 danae whispering
From Domai.
2006-02-18 19:13 Sexoteric Blog
Status panties
Ah, something for us computer geeks who speak HTTP protocol in our sleep. Panties with status codes.If you've ever run across a "403 Forbidden" error on a web site, it means you've either stumbled onto the wrong page, or you've been snooping where you shouldn't be! One nice thing about the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that runs the web (HTTP for short) is that it includes helpful status codes such...
2006-02-18 19:09 Sexoteric Blog
Deconstructed Beauty
It's a bummer when an artist uses sex and artsy porn to try to make an audience feel bad. For instance, a picture of a model wearing a protective mask over her mouth trying to give a blow job...
2006-02-18 18:57
temporary insanity, with feet
I'm going crazy trying to make a book deadline. All I do is write. I am a writing nun. I just went over the edge with a camera, some sex toys and my feet on my kitchen floor. The...
2006-02-18 18:52
Bunny Yeager's Nude Las Vegas
"Bunny Yeager's Nude Las Vegas""Bunny Yeager's Nude Las Vegas"
2006-02-18 18:46
Sugasm #22
The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter “Q”. Queens and Holy Bitches (deltaofvenus.blogsp.. Removal Procedures (alwaysarousedgirl.b.. The Seduction (barelace.blogspot.c.. Sex in Libraries: An Introduction (…) Shopping Trip ( Slave...
2006-02-18 18:44
Get Paid to Talk Shit
"Webmaster chat board, (FUPM) has just launched its new Pay-Per-Post program. This program allows you to earn up to 10 cents for posts made on the forum. You can also earn 6 cents for posts made by any members you've referred. A Pay-Per-Post system will often attract a lot of 'junk' posts made by people just trying to take advantage of the program. However, like many other feature...
2006-02-18 18:42 News for perverts |
A Paris, les Elégantes
A guy in Paris with his digital camera and lots of leggy women....
2006-02-18 18:40
really big tits
You like big tits? This is just wrong.
2006-02-18 18:35 News for perverts |
Court Dismisses Internet Porn Case
AVN Online :: Web Exclusive News: "KINGSTON, Wash. - Kingston, Washington residents Jeff and Susan Owen had been charged in 2005 with a misdemeanor for violating a Kitsap County adult entertainment zoning regulation by running a home-based adult Internet business, according to the Free Speech Xpress. The couple’s home was reported to have been within 1,000 feet of Spectrum Community School.Previ...
2006-02-18 18:29 News for perverts |
Matthew Stradling
Matthew Stradling is represented in many art collections in Europe ,America, the Far and Middle East . He is one of the most accomplished painters of the male nude in Britain today. Born in Hertfordshire in south-east England, Matthew...
2006-02-18 18:29
Sugasm #22
File under: erotica, porn, sex, Sugasm42(!) of the best things blogged, by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter “Q”. Queens and Holy Bitches (deltaofvenus.blogsp.. Removal Procedures (alwaysarousedgirl.b.. The Seduction (barelace.blogspot.c.. Sex in Libraries: An Introduction (….. Shopping Trip (
2006-02-18 18:28 SugarBank
Sugasm #22 - Double the fun!
The best of the blogs by the bloggers that blog them! This week starting with the letter Q for something or other. Man, this week's Sugasm is HUGE and poor old Artfuldodger isn't even in the main group this time. Sheesh.Queens and Holy Bitches (deltaofvenus.blogsp.. Procedures (alwaysarousedgirl.b.. Seduction (barelace.blogspot.c.. in Libraries:...
2006-02-18 18:28 The Secret Brain
Caption this …
2006-02-18 18:27 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
Mom fights son's porn - World - Mom fights son's porn: " PITTSBURGH -- The mother of a man who died with his friend fleeing a taxi driver outside Montreal wants to stop a U.S. company from releasing a pornographic film featuring her son. The families of Mark Kraynak, 23, of Uniontown, Pa., and Steve Wright, 20, of California, said the two probably fell to their deaths in a quarry in August after th...
2006-02-18 18:16 News for perverts |
The Great Porn Drought | News for Hampton Roads, Virginia | Virginia News: "The man who may have single-handedly touched off the great porn black out of western Virginia happens to be a proponent of the stuff. Actually, Dan Bickley sells the smut magazines, pornographic videos and sex toys currently under attack in some parts of the commonwealth. And it was his successful race to open a Bristol store specializ...
2006-02-18 18:13 News for perverts |
Sensualite par …
METJM ...Language French - Pics International.
2006-02-18 18:13 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
The art …
of Gottfried HelnweinBiographie:B.. Vienna, 1948EDUCATION1969-73 Academy of Visual Arts, Vienna1965-69 Higher Graphic Instruction and Experimental Institute, Vienna
2006-02-18 17:57 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
X - Rated …
Collection ...This site is dedicated to the art of X-rated movie posters from the 1960s and 1970s. Considered by most to be the Golden Age of the pornographic movie, the period's rising production budgets generated a dramatic improvement in film quality and plot. Several all-time classics emerged.Deep Throat (1972),Behind The Green Door (1972),The Opening of [...]
2006-02-18 17:50 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
It's Never Just Dinner
Or perhaps the title should be "The Real Main Course." I can't speak for my lover, but I'd have to guess that the two of us always share at least one thing on our minds: each other. Sex, sharing, talking, touching, seducing, fucking...we may not speak our thoughts out loud
2006-02-18 17:45 Tara Tainton
Walmart ordered to carry Plan B.
Earlier this year I wrote about my frustration with having to go get the "morning after pill" after a contraception failure. Today I'm also writing about emergency contraception, but on a much more positive note.Walmart has been order to stock emergency contraception in its Massachusetts pharmacies. I was absolutely thrilled to hear this news. No, it's not anywhere close to EC being over the c...
2006-02-18 17:44 Feminism Without Clothes
Lavagem de carro
eishhh... e eu que tenho o carrito mesmo a precisar!
2006-02-18 17:38 CUBEMBOM
Weekend must read
The new issue of Fresh Yarn is up and you really MUST READ Kambri Crew's "Just Like My Daddy," about life with her deaf dad and mom.
2006-02-18 17:26 LUSTY LADY
Chiennes en Cage !!!!
Chiennes à Louer ou à Vendre :-) Lol, suis vulgaire ce soir en plus je le pense pas, puis je vais me faire taper sur les doigts en prononcants ces vilains mots... Une petite photo fetishiste qui fait le tour de divers Blogs depuis le début de la semaine... y'en a tellement en attente à vous proposer que c'est difficile de faire un choix au quotidien. En 45 jours, la bar...
2006-02-18 17:11 LE BLOG ADULTE
The Politics of Professionals
I wrote some time ago about my “first pro experience.” In conversations with a dear friend who is aware of this blog and some of my past and my explorations, dear friend mentioned that my rationale for finally “turning to a pro” would make for an interesting blog post. Ex Mrs Lou was never “into” sex – had no sex drive, had no sexual interest, sex only occurred to her as something th...
2006-02-18 17:02 UnfetteredCravings
Salmon and Cucumber Salad
2 salmon fillets 1 English cucumber 4 stalks green onion 1/2 lemon 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon cilantro 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper Rub the salmon fillets with the lemon. Then season fish with salt and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil into a skillet. Cook salmon for about 5 minutes on each side. [...]
2006-02-18 16:50 Aphrodisiac Recipes and Sex Positions
Two Smiles -- from
This is a post about two smiles: Those are the two smiles of the lovely Sarah Blake, who does bondage modeling for . I want you to look at... (See the rest at Eros Blog)
2006-02-18 16:45 ErosBlog -- The Sex Blog
Lara Croft, très Sexy
Le Nouvelle Lara Croft, Karima Adebibe est grave sexy. Une galerie de 18 photos très haute résolution vous sont proposées sur votre Blog Adulte aujourd'hui. Le film Tomb Raider (legend) est toujours prévu pour une sortie le 7 Avril prochain. Merci au Blog Koi de Neuf pour cette Pépite. En parlant de ce blog, il y va fort cette semaine Yuki en proposant cette vid...
2006-02-18 16:41 LE BLOG ADULTE
In Case You’ve Always Wondered…
Question: how can you tell a vanilla girl from a spanking professional? Answer: A vanilla girl squats down to tie her shoes; a spanking professional bends right over.
2006-02-18 16:11 Adele Haze's "Spanking Model Speaks"
Bien dans ses Baskets
Lol, voilà une publicité qui attire l'oeil...les plus grandes marques communiquent-elles en prenant en compte l'aspect pornographique ? Je ne le pense pas, c'est plutôt un délire à mon avis... En matière de publicité, ce petit post tombe bien vu que j'ai deux ou trois liens que nous avons testés à vous faire découvri...
2006-02-18 15:48 LE BLOG ADULTE
Definition: Bonnie
I ganked this toy from Ambient Storm. Webster it's not.Bonnie --[adjective]:Visual.. addictiveHow will you be defined in the dictionary?at QuizGalaxy.comI guess I always considered myself to be more of a verb, but so be it...
2006-02-18 15:24 My Bottom Smarts
Waking up from a nap, fully dressed, with...
Yesterday afternoon I took a nap to quiet a rare headache. Fully clothed I woke refreshed, and the room grown dim, I took the time to enjoy that moment instead of jumping up to join the noisy bustle of life below. Sleeping at night is only sleep for me, almost a chore, a necessity like brushing teeth, but with naps I have sweet, almost lucid dreams that blend with almost thoughts. It's the para...
2006-02-18 15:16 Figleaf's Real Adult Sex
MarkedMarked © 2006 I love it when I wake up sore and wearing your marks from the night before. My hips are bruised from where you held me from behind. I encouraged you, wanting the beautifully aggressive press of your body into mine, wanting the hard slam of you against my ass as you buried yourself to the root of your cock in my cunt. Red marks--teeth marks?--streak my thighs, arms and breasts...
2006-02-18 15:11 Tangy Sweet
La Autoestima en la sumisión
Fotografía: Jan Saudek La Autoestima en la sumisiónAutora: sayha Definición Auto : Uno mismo, Propio Estima : Amor, valor Auto - Estima : Amor hacia uno mismo, la capacidad de valorarse a si mismo. Tener autoestima es poder mirarnos a nosotros mismos y querernos tal cual somos, aceptando nuestros defectos y virtudes. Esto quiere decir que reconocer nuestros propios defectos no ...
2006-02-18 15:05 Informacion BDSM
Punk Erotic
Punk Erotic de Geoff Cordner "Geoffrey Cordner is a thrift-shop visionary whose photographs capture the underbelly of millennial America with a heart and ruthlessness that places him beyond trend and fashion, in a status all his own. This is a photographer who has abandoned the trappings of conventional success to bring us a world of savage, mind-blowing and relentless images t...
2006-02-18 14:54 dadanoias
2006-02-18 14:42 CUBEMBOM
Sexual health care lacking for Latinas
The Allan Guttmacher Institute and Latino Issues Forum have released a report claiming Latinas are not being researched or informed about sexual health issues, according to The Daily Colonial. Analysis of published sexual and reproductive health papers indicated only 18% included Latina women, compared to 35% inclusion of black ...
2006-02-18 14:30 Dr Petra Boynton I Blog
2006-02-18 14:07 CUBEMBOM
2006-02-18 14:03 CUBEMBOM
2006-02-18 14:01 CUBEMBOM
2006-02-18 14:01 CUBEMBOM
Natural Tastin' Pussy
I love how my face and it's accessory hair smell after I've gone down on Dee - something I did just a little while ago. She was up early with the hungry animals who are used to an early breakfast. She chatted with Mike, and then went back upstairs for a nap asking me to come up and tuck her into bed. While we waited for the microwave heating pack to warm up (You might've seen the 'wave' in some ...
2006-02-18 14:00 Sharing Dee
2006-02-18 13:52 CUBEMBOM
2006-02-18 13:51 CUBEMBOM
La patraña de las identidades
Gregorio Morán (...) Hay que volver a la calificación de mentecato. Aunque sólo sea como homenaje real y sin rebomborio al Quijote, donde aparece. Yo recuerdo a una amiga mía, nacionalista, que estaba confusa cuando su hija le preguntaba: "¿Mamá, adónde va Catalunya?" Si un hijo mío preguntara, sin descojonarse de risa, adónde va España, o Catalunya, o el Occidente entero, mi primera re...
2006-02-18 13:44 La Petite Claudine
2006-02-18 13:44 CUBEMBOM
Roses Are Red…Valentines Update
Well, you all saw what Alex gave me for Valentines Day. If not scroll down the page a little and check it out. I waited all day for Alex to finish work and come home to me. The hours seemed like days and the minutes, well. It is a very long day when you are at home on your own with just the cat for company. In anticipation of Alex’s arrival I prepared myself for the evening’s lovey duvy, no ...
2006-02-18 13:40 AlexSuze
Maureen Hoang
2006-02-18 13:40 CUBEMBOM
Futurama Syberia2
Still without any sound background on this series, I decided to post the new banners.  If anyone has any information on these, please let me know.  These will now be appearing in a random fashion each time you refresh the page.   Futurama3, .. Futurama4,   Futurama5, .. Futurama6,   Futurama7, .. Futurama8,   Futurama9, &...
2006-02-18 13:39 DH Blog Spicy
2006-02-18 13:34 CUBEMBOM
18 Teen Live
18 Teen Live is a great teen hardcore video site. This site is loaded with all the great stuff you want. Not quite a "one-stop shop" unless you are only into teen hardcore. But if you do like teen hardcore, this site is loaded with special features, high quality sex movies and [...]
2006-02-18 13:33 One Sexy Blog
Adriana Malkova
2006-02-18 13:27 CUBEMBOM
ALEX INGRAMhttp://www.fre..
2006-02-18 13:26 CUBEMBOM
Lovely Hotwives
Some lovely hotwife galleries for you today. First up is the beautiful Desirae. This woman knows how to fuck, check out her fun fucking in this hotel room. The next gallery features stunning hotwife Envy getting a hot serving of creampie courtesy of my friend and bull who loves fucking wives at hotwives and girlfriends. [...]
2006-02-18 13:19
Veronika Zhemanova
2006-02-18 13:17 CUBEMBOM
Do you have a secret to share?
St Valentine’s day is all about disclosing secrets - indicating your feelings to someone you like. One site, postsecret, makes a point of gathering people’s secret confessions. This week they included Valentine’s secrets, but the site also has a surprising range of disclosures. You might want to ...
2006-02-18 13:15 Dr Petra Boynton I Blog
SEX BLOG:: Reasons Why Women Annoy Men!... Must Read!
I came across this very interesting article via Creamlog that you'll enjoy reading.  .. Men?  What do you think?  Do you agree? The 10 Annoying Things Women Do Ever wonder what guys talk about when we're not around? Here's your chance to eavesdrop. iVillage and have joined forces to reveal what's really on guys' minds ‑- and just how bluntly they discuss ...
2006-02-18 13:10 Sex blog: thongs, boobs, and booty paradise!
De Origh tweelingbroertjes
2006-02-18 13:00
De truuk met de fles ketchup
2006-02-18 13:00
God wants you to have great sex!
2006-02-18 13:00
Mi "primera vez"
La primera vez, la primera sesión jamás se olvida... Dá lo mismo que las posteriores sean muchísimo más elaboradas, que estés más entregada..o no..., ese autodescubrimiento solo se tiene una vez, cuando te das cuenta de que lo que creías que era sólo una fantasía en tu mente, es una realidad... Siempre recordaré ese dia... Gracias a quién me lo "regaló"... Mi "primera vez" Ese ...
2006-02-18 12:41 Informacion BDSM
SEX BLOG:: Today's Sex News For Your Sexual Interest - 2/18/06
Your Daily Sex News Just For Your Sexual Appetite! Why Men Report More Sex Partners Than Women Most surveys about sex find impossibly that men have had far more partners than women, typically two to four times as many.  Either there are a bunch of phantom females out there, or somebody is lying... more   Porn Stars, Sex Toys Part of Yale Program In a lecture hall on Yale's storied Old C...
2006-02-18 12:33 Sex blog: thongs, boobs, and booty paradise!
El principio del fin
Juan Carlos Escudier A nadie debería sorprender las últimas bombas que ETA ha hecho estallar en la antesala de ese “principio del fin” profetizado por Zapatero. Es su vieja manera de sentarse a la mesa, su farol violento en la partida de póquer que se dispone a jugar con el Gobierno. Podría decirse que el amonal estaba previsto. Siendo predecible esta aparente demostración de fuerza por pa...
2006-02-18 12:22 La Petite Claudine
Birth Control Patch May Carry Twice the Risk of Blood Clots
The Associated Press is reporting on an FDA release suggesting women using the Ortho Evra birth control patch may have double the risk of developing blood clots compared with women who take the birth control pill. A new study indicates...
2006-02-18 12:19 About Sexuality
Olga in het bos
2006-02-18 11:45
Malisia Petropoulos
2006-02-18 11:45
Bridget Banks, maar niet als beach babe
2006-02-18 11:45
JeJoue: kruising tussen iPod en vibrator
2006-02-18 11:45
¿Qué es el sexo Tántrico?
¿Qué es el sexo Tántrico?Fuente: ¡Desearía saberlo! Estuve buscando por Internet pistas para el misterio de lo que es descripto como sexo Tántrico, orgasmo masculino múltiple, y así sucesivamente, y he encontrado que este es un caso de - ¿recuerda a Alicia en el País de las Maravillas? - "¡Significa lo que quiero que signifique!" Parece haber algún consenso, sin em...
2006-02-18 10:58 Informacion BDSM
Ruslana en Inna bij Mikhail Paromov
2006-02-18 10:30
Bambi in de villa
2006-02-18 10:30
Yanna doet pipi
2006-02-18 10:30
Fotograaf Hiroyuki Ohmori
2006-02-18 10:30
Wanting To Stay
I find it hard to leave the sea, Immersion is some kind of blissful gift The lazy sensuous pleasure of a calmly buoyant ocean embraces my limbs and my heart I don’t want to go, I want to stay and wade and swim and feel the heat leave my body by degrees I want to stay and be stroked and be gentled by a thousand incessant wavelets the ones t...
2006-02-18 10:01 Wilful Damage
Sex Buddies
Can couples survive the no-strings-attached idea of fuck buddies? Will egos and love get in the way of lust? Josey Vogels waxes sexily about the Buddy system.
2006-02-18 09:38 Animated Shorts - Celebrating the erotic in literature and i
Terry Rodgers Paintings
LINK quote [Leisure and pleasure are peacetime's weapons-boredom and a latent feeling of insecurity, the inevitable outcome of consumer society's technologies of the self. US artist Terry Rodgers portrays contemporary body politics while playing on the very strategy dramatized in his XIXth century-like grandes machines: visual pleasure and unspeakable desire]. (via Erotismo Gráfico)
2006-02-18 09:07 Unscathed Corpse
Hentai and XXX Comics
LINK Daily new pictures and movies galleries, hentai and xxx comics. (via softblog)
2006-02-18 08:51 Unscathed Corpse
Rubber Play Tent!
Go rubber camping with Regulations new exclusive Rubber Play Tent!Ideal for those who like it wet inside! This durable well designed tent, is perfect for two people, it is easy to set up and to store away and can be used inside or outside your home for... well lets say your 'imagination’ comes into play here! The tent has a thick rubber floor and lighter weight rubber panels, held together with ...
2006-02-18 08:50 3xL : Lust, Love & Latex!
Wicked Swank: Cabinets of Curiosity
LINK quote [Before the 20th century Cabinets of Curiosity aka shadowboxes were quite popular for displaying precious objects lushly grazed in decorative accompaniments. My idea of these are that every box is a completely perfect world in itself, and is contained forever, never changing, always staying in its own essence. Bones, secrets, glitter, zombies, antiques, poisonous beauty and many more my...
2006-02-18 08:42 Unscathed Corpse
Double the Money Shot "I have something to show y...
Double the Money Shot "I have something to show you," says Isabelle, Sexyland's video producer. "Come to my office - it's awesome." It's Friday and the weather is warm. The sun is streaming through the windows. Heat like this in February means an inferno spring, plus the head cold I caught on Tuesday. I hang up the phone and walk around two corners to Isabelle's office. She's watching the rough
2006-02-18 07:17 rollertrain
Double the Money Shot "I have something to show y...
Double the Money Shot "I have something to show you," says Isabelle, Sexyland's video producer. "Come to my office - it's awesome." It's Friday and the weather is warm. The sun is streaming through the windows. Heat like this in February means an inferno spring, plus the head cold I caught on Tuesday. I hang up the phone and walk around two corners to Isabelle's office. She's watching the rough
2006-02-18 07:17 rollertrain
Cheerleaders in Prison
My Way News: "SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Twenty-one members of North Korean cheering squads who traveled to South Korea for international sports events are being held in a prison camp for talking about what they saw in the South, a news report said Friday. Citing a North Korean man who recently fled to China, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper said the 21 young women had been detained about last ...
2006-02-18 06:27 News for perverts |
Best of Babelogs: Weekend Edition
Because we had to leave you with something to sink your teeth into this weekend ... · Alison Angel ( · Ashley Charlton ( · Brooke Banx ( · Brune ( · Celeste, Jenna & Codi (, pictured) · Dirty Jeanette ( · Doreen ( · Emma Wylde (p...
2006-02-18 05:59 Fleshbot
I like a little BDSM every now and then when masturbating. Ah, at last, have internet on at home, have mobile phone again, apart from missing one major faculty of my fornicating follies - a bed! Time is passing and I am about to give a friend of mine a haircut, "Can I come to Seville" he always says when in need of my services. Now I don't profess to be the best hair-cutter in the world. Infa...
2006-02-18 05:52 muffboxfilms
Zak Smith's Second Porn
"Well, about ten years ago I helped out with an NYU thesis project called something like 'Freaky Kids I and II,'" said New York artist Zak Smith. "But here's where I'm making the big money." Zak Smith has just "blown" his first professional "load" on Veronica Jett. More on Zak's porn debut and the upcoming "Barb Wire Kiss" after the gap. - G. Ponante - - - In the porn world of sideburned Silve...
2006-02-18 05:51 Fleshbot
Island Hopping with Jacklyn Lick
Pornstar vacations have been both big business and a well-kept secret in the adult industry, in which enterprising stars or their handlers will sponsor outings for fans to exotic locales with the promise of watching their screen crushes cavort. Internet porn veteran Jacklyn Lick is sponsoring a Licktastic trip to Hawaii ... provided the winning bidder follows some ground rules. Mind the gap! - G. ...
2006-02-18 05:48 Fleshbot
Island-hopping with Jacklyn Lick
Porn-star vacations have been both big business and a well-kept secret in the adult industry, in which enterprising stars or their handlers will sponsor outings for fans to exotic locales with the promise of watching their screen crushes cavort. Internet porn veteran Jacklyn Lick is sponsoring a Licktastic trip to Hawaii, provided the winning bidder follows some ground rules. Mind the gap! - G. Po...
2006-02-18 05:48 Fleshbot
Kyla Cole
TWISTYS - Showcasing Divinely Beautiful Babes Every Day!
2006-02-18 05:44 News for perverts |
Old man jacks off for older woman
Daytona Beach News-Journal Online -- News: "Gary Bailey, veteran track designer for the Daytona Supercross at Daytona International Speedway, is out of jail after being charged with exposing himself to customers, including a child, at an Ormond Beach Wendy's restaurant. Bailey, 62, was sitting at a booth just before 8 p.m. on Feb. 10 attempting to make eye contact with a 71-year-old female custom...
2006-02-18 05:36 News for perverts |
Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description
Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description: "Two uniformed men strolled into the main room of the Little Falls library in Bethesda one day last week and demanded the attention of all patrons using the computers. Then they made their announcement: The viewing of Internet pornography was forbidden. The men looked stern and wore baseball caps emblazoned with the words 'Homeland Security.' The biza...
2006-02-18 05:34 News for perverts |
Sex Week at Yale
Khaleej Times Online: "NEW HAVEN (Connecticut) — In a lecture hall on Yale’s storied Old Campus, not long after an afternoon astronomy class has cleared out, a middle-aged sex toy saleswoman is demonstrating her technique and handing out free products to an eager crowd. “I want you to close your eyes,” Patty Brisben playfully instructs a young man in a pink polo shirt, as she rubs scented...
2006-02-18 05:26 News for perverts |
Sex Slaves in Scotland
United Press International - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper: "Investigators in Edinburgh say that two women who were brought to the city to be prostitutes are only the tip of a much larger problem. In one case, a woman from Burundi was brought to Edinburgh by way of Eastern Europe. She was abandoned by a male companion and, not knowing what country she was in, turned up at a police...
2006-02-18 05:14 News for perverts |
Bird flu fears will ruin swans' sex lives, Swiss zoo warns - Yahoo! News
Bird flu fears will ruin swans' sex lives, Swiss zoo warns - Yahoo! News: "ZURICH (AFP) - As Europe frets about a possible bird flu pandemic that could kill millions of humans, Swiss zookeepers worry that measures imposed to stem the virus will ruin their swans' sex lives.ADVERTISEMENT Swiss swans have just one more weekend to have a fling before a government ban on keeping birds in the open air ...
2006-02-18 05:08 News for perverts |
Dirty Limericks
These are the kind of jokes guys at the Moose Lodge tell each other. Dirty Limericks: "My dorky ex-roommate Pierre Once fell asleep in my chair I pulled out my unit Proceeded to tune it And fired my load in his hair"
2006-02-18 05:06 News for perverts |
'Red Light' District Declares Open House - Yahoo! News
'Red Light' District Declares Open House - Yahoo! News: "AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but occasionally there's a cheap feast for the eyes. Several topless bars, peep shows and sex show clubs in Amsterdam's famed 'Red Light' prostitution district have declared an open house on Feb. 18, hoping to shore up their reputation with local politicians who are call...
2006-02-18 05:01 News for perverts |
I've been home sick for the last two days. Which means that I had to use three sick days this week (counting Tuesday for Morgan). Which I'll probably hear about on my monthly review. But hey, I had the sick days available, and well, I was sick! So, I suppose they'll have to get over it. Nick's loving his new job, but he's really tired when he gets home (leaving at 7 and getting back in at 9 w...
2006-02-18 04:38 AngelBrat's Blog
Pixie, again
Dream Babes - the Hottest Girls of Your DreamsI'm in love with this chick. If anyone out there knows who she is have her im me or something;)
2006-02-18 04:36 News for perverts |
POSTERS Is it totally childish of me to want some Harry Potter posters to hang in WebWhore Headquarters? Maybe it's just immature to consider "posters" as a viable decorating option in the first place. I just don't have a budget for "art" at this point, nor do I want to buy anything as permanent as "art" unless we have our own house. I'm not even a serious Harry Potter fan, but I'm really enjoy...
2006-02-18 04:12 The Wandering WebWhore
Blogging Is Therapeutic
I did not realize how therapeutic blogging could be until I started to have more bad days than good at work. I’ve found that taking a tour around the blogging world and seeing how everyone is doing helps me leave the stress of work behind. Basically, blogging reinforces the insignificance of work. What is also [...]
2006-02-18 04:00 Married In Ohio
Sex Blog Roundup
"I think there's a direct relationship between the scent of a woman's neck and the taste of her pussy. Almost impossible to disguise with perfume, it insists on the nose with a faint promise of the real thing would be like if only you were let in a bit further. It's a promise of a taste ... " See? Our roundups of the best sex writing on the web don't just bring you glimpses of other people's sex...
2006-02-18 03:59 Fleshbot
Look for a dressing room that has a door and walls that extend to the floor. If all the dressing rooms have a gap between the floor and the walls, look for one with a secure door, rather than a curtain. If you are in a store that has several dressing rooms, look for the least-trafficked or least-monitored areas.
2006-02-18 03:58 1001 Nighters - One Night Stand Sex Diary
A Complete Turnaround
I mentioned in Straight As Again that “The Girl’s report card was not as good as we had hoped”. We’ll she got her interim report for the third quarter on Tuesday and made a complete turnaround. In fact, she got a perfect 100% in the class that she had the worst mark in on her [...]
2006-02-18 03:57 Married In Ohio
Dear Sex Diary, I can't get enough of live cam sites.
Mmmm sexy. If I were a guy, I'd want to shove my cock in her from behind and slam into her over and over again while...
2006-02-18 03:54 1001 Nighters - One Night Stand Sex Diary
Dear Sex Diary, Tomorrow is Valentine's Day...
While you lovebirds are displaying your affection in public, I'd much rather be WATCHING people. I'm really getting into Lesbian stuff these days. I always enjoyed it, but ever since my encounter in the taxi with that girl, it made me admit a little more to myself how much women turn me on. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE men ...but women definitely get me wet, too.
2006-02-18 03:50 1001 Nighters - One Night Stand Sex Diary
40 Inch Plus - Gianna
Man always a favorite it’s Gianna back again and this time she hooked up with the 40 Inch Plus crew to show off something other than her massive natural breasts. Yeah this time it’s all about that big round apple bottom booty that she’s got, since you already know Gianna is the total package. [...]
2006-02-18 03:39 Southern Hip Hop & Porn
Little things
Little thing #1: Today in my internet travels I came across the grossest euphemism for penis that I’ve seen in a long time: “blue veiner.” As in “They rubbed their throbbing blue veiners together.” It made me say “ewwww” out loud, and I’m a big fan of penises being rubbed together. Little thing #2: when I neglect to hit the spacebar between “A...
2006-02-18 03:28
The Gossip Column
The Gossip Column came to mind while I was stuck in traffic, shortly after pumping gas (petrol) at -25c . Brrrr.  As much as I enjoy exploring and finding new stuff, exposing newbies or not so newbies, I thought it might be fun to try and comment on what some of my better known circle [...]
2006-02-18 02:40 DH Blog Spicy
Pet shop
Take one home. Easy to care for. Will be your best friend.
2006-02-18 02:32 Sexoteric Blog
The New Lara Croft
EIDOS had picked a new babe to be the face of Lara Croft. Her name is Karima Adebibe and judging by her rack I can't say I disagree with their choice. Apparently she is 20 years old from London, UK and she likes to suck dick. I made up that ...
2006-02-18 02:23 Boobie Blog
SexNotWork Accepting New Member Applications on February 20th (Sugarbank)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: World’s First Sex-Blog Network, SexNotWork, Announces 24hr Membership Application Window Starting February 20th Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB), February 16 2006 — Today Sam Sugar announced that on Monday 20th February 2006, SexNotWork - the world’s first sex-blog network - will begin accepting membership applications from blogs, podcasts, and other RSS enabled sites with a...
2006-02-18 02:18 Viviane's Sex Carnival
Me Tarzan, you Jane, him not right
2006-02-18 02:15 Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame
A finger in time...
Laura the Tooth:the first line of defense against prostate cancer is my finger(s) in your ass: a public health announcementturns out that vitamins just won't cut the mustard when it comes to prostate cancer prevention. quitting smoking (if you smoke, that is) and early detection by frequent prostate exams is a man's only real defense against this sad and tragic disease. to all the men out there, i...
2006-02-18 02:09 Sexoteric Blog
My Sexy Oscar
Roll out the pink carpet! From Good Night and Good Luck to Brokeback Mountain, I have a head full of gossip and comment on this year's Oscar nominations.In Bed with Susie Bright 237: Susie's Nominees for Best SexIn Good...
2006-02-18 01:57 Susie Bright's Journal
I spent the last couple of days watching myself in my own porno flick. Yes folks, there are tapes, a lot of them. And I can’t stop watching them. I can’t get enough. What I see is amazing. I love...
2006-02-18 01:55 Sexkitten
Excuse Me, Just Two Things
Thing #1: Never had time to mention it, but yesterday was Madame X's birthday! Go over there, look at her reader-submitted pictures (including one from me and a bunch of way better ones, including one that features a naughty appendage as the best birthday candle I've ever seen), ogle the gorgeous picture of her, and wish her well. Go on. Right now. Thing #2: Heard on the Olympics tonight...
2006-02-18 01:48 AlwaysArousedGirl
Nohari Window & Fired Up
And on the flip side of the Johari Window you have the Nohari Window. C’mon, play along. I can take it. I will say, though, that I don't see some of those options as "negative." >----------------.. Fired Up: A Little Amusing Snippet I just dropped a hot ash on the sleeve...
2006-02-18 01:39 Pureedthought
Fetish pin-ups
Some nice fetish pin-ups by Gernot Seiffert from Bizarre Gallery. Found on Unscathed Corpse.
2006-02-18 01:32 Sexoteric Blog
Videos of sexy Indian slut getting banged from behind
Click here more videos Click here to download more videos of the sexy Indian slut getting banged from behind.
2006-02-18 01:32 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Sonicare toothbrush!
Okay, I just have to say. This thing fucking rocks! Not only does it get my teeth cleaner than clean, but the vibration is lovely. The instructions say specifically not to use it on any part of the body other...
2006-02-18 01:30 suburban sexpot
Homeland Security Officers Busted for Harassing Porn Fans
Two Montgomery County Homeland Security Officers were reassigned from their positions after they barred local library patrons from viewing Internet porn last week. The two officers, whose identity was not disclosed, had overstepped their authority, Montgomery County Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Romer told the Washington Post today. The men, who worked for ...
2006-02-18 01:24 Viviane's Sex Carnival
temporary insanity, with feet
I'm going crazy trying to make a book deadline. All I do is write. I am a writing nun. I just went over the edge with a camera, some sex toys and my feet on my kitchen floor. The...
2006-02-18 01:09 violet blue
Endangered brushes
2006-02-18 00:50 Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame
"Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love." - Woody AllenBeat your Meat Manifesto, by Jody Franklin: If you were to ask me how often I have sex each week, I'd probably answer "at least ten times, often more." The reply to this might be, "wow, how does your partner keep up?" or "your partner must be a real nympho." Sometimes I've been in a fortunate enough situation to enjoy sex with ...
2006-02-18 00:31 Sexoteric Blog
Je Joue Part 2: My God, I Think I Might be Impressed
In part one of the Je Joue post, I said I was going to take some time trying out the software (and playing with the output file format, you know, for research purposes). However, the more I started reading, the...
2006-02-18 00:16 Slashdong

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