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16 Mar 2006    

Sick - Updated
Just a short post to say that I'm sick as a dog. I have a fever that keeps me from concentrating on anything. Fuck I hate those! Anyway, I'm drinking OJ and trying to kick this thing in the ass. Oh hell, am I tired. >________________.. Addendumb: The best thing I find that gets cold symptoms out of the way, however temporary, is alcohol. It is c...
2006-03-16 23:54 Pureedthought
if you have a few bucks to spare
please send a few this way. i won't say any more, because it's not my place. never hurt to ask. *it's not for me, if that's what you're wondering.
2006-03-16 23:48 laura the tooth
Won't someone please think of the children?
Somehow it ended up being Japan week here at ethnorotica. I didn’t intend for this to happen; they just make such wonderful toys over there like the tentacle girl pictured above. She’s so, um, what’s the word I’m looking for here? Tentacular? The halo is a nice touch.
2006-03-16 23:47 ethnorotica
Boogie is a Patriot
I’ve been noticing some unusual traffic sources over the past few days that I thought I should talk about. Hits originating from: Homeland Security I.C.E. Misisisipi government institutions and so forth. Hey you government fuckwits, welcome to I hope that you good retards enjoy watching me legally and peacefully exercise my first amendment rights. I also [...]
2006-03-16 23:44 Boogie's Porn Blog
Cosmetic Surgery Improves Sexual Satisfaction
"Aesthetic Surgery Journal today released new data from a study on the impact of aesthetic plastic surgery on body image and sexual satisfaction. Women who undergo common elective cosmetic surgery procedures not only feel better about their bodies, but also have higher degrees of satisfaction with their sex lives, including ability to orgasm. Women in [...]
2006-03-16 23:38 PervScan
This post will only make sense to a few Brits of the right age...
I'm sure I must be wrong here... But I swear I just saw Captain Sensible putting rubbish out into one of the big communal bins...
2006-03-16 23:34 My Neighbours Are Hoors!
Sexy and Funny Shirts
Like funny t-shirts? Like sexy t-shirts? Like SLUTTY t-shirts? Well we got good news for you. If you like girls in sexy and slutty t shirts and want to see them, maybe buy some of these sexy and funny tshirts on your own, then we’ve got great fucking news for you. Now we have a [...]
2006-03-16 23:29 Boogie's Porn Blog
dear reader from that law enforcement agency:
i've noticed that you take some time reading my work using your work computer. look, i don't know why you're reading my work. maybe you think i'm funny. maybe you were just bored. or maybe you think i'm a criminal. i'd really like it if you were an actual fan. but a part of me thinks that's just way too optimistic. maybe you think that my "peg master" pieces aren't really a joke after all. ...
2006-03-16 23:19 laura the tooth
Fuck the FCC
- Simulated teen sex and making out (no nudity) between hetero couples, girl in bra and panties engaged in implied group sex, all during a flashback segment for a rape investigation (Without A Trace, CBS). Pricetag: $3.6 million! Because teens don't have sex. Or get raped. Ever. - Split-second of exposed nipple (2004 Super Bowl, CBS). Pricetag: $550,000! - Pixelated breasts, the kissing of pix...
2006-03-16 23:15 News for perverts |
Blue Blood
> 10 out of 20 Why you should visit 'Blue Blood': You like your girls pasty, modded and glamorously dangerous Why you shouldn't visit 'Blue Blood': Sun-kissed beauty is your bag Amelia G and Forrest Black have been steadily building their gothic porn empire since the print magazine Blue Blood was launched in 1992. is like the granpappy of all goth porn – it houses Barely Evil, G...
2006-03-16 22:51 SugarClick
ever been fucked by a guy from chad?
it's not the dark skin. nor the tribal-tinged accent. nor the softness in his eyes. it's the scars that get me really hot. jungraithmayr, my client, just left. jungraithmayr, from chad. he was great. i must admit, putting oil all over his dark brown skin WAS beautiful. his body was transformed into a bronze sculpture, with a patina of deep rich brown and golden tones. being a white...
2006-03-16 22:41 welcome to the fuck house
Old Coot becomes porn star
Ananova - OAP becomes porn star: "A 75-year-old granddad has become a porn star in Russia after wandering into a blue movie audition by mistake. David Bozdoganov wandered into the Gorodcki production company's studios after mistaking posters for new erotic actors as an advert for a muscle man show. Director Alexander Plahov said: 'We were auditioning for a new film and had a number of couples on...
2006-03-16 22:37 News for perverts |
working with your family can be hazardous to your mental health
obviously, i haven't been taking my own advice regarding family/work matters. dirk is just wagging his finger, and i know he's right. it's my own damn fault for getting myself into this financial hole. on one hand, my family is eager to help me succeed and pay my bills. to them, me being poor is cause for shame, and they're willing to lie to people and other family members that i am more finan...
2006-03-16 22:27 laura the tooth
Epilation à la Sucette
On connaissait l'épilation à la cire ou au caramel et bien voici l'épilation à la sucette :-) Trop mimi cette petite brunette. Je vous le dis tout de suite j'ai un grave penchant pour les brunes et là j'suis servis. Bon, saviez-vous que nous avons atteint la 2ème place sur le Top Blogs, ca va peut-être pas durer mais c'est quand même cool de sa...
2006-03-16 22:22 LE BLOG ADULTE
I'm Not One To Stay In The Closet
Fuck It, I don't care what anybody thinks. I'm gonna let ya'll in on what's been happening with MJ and I. After what happened with B in November MJ and I got to talking. We thought and talked and talked some more. And then we decided to try having an open marriage. And actually, we still are, except it's sort of evolved into a polyamorous relationship since I have become semi-seriously involved ...
2006-03-16 22:15 Temptation Unleashed
Dutch Teen Amateurs
My email box informed me today of a site that I had not previous been aware of, called Dutch Teen Amateurs. I am glad that I now know of its existance Having been a long time fan of the thin and petite girls of their network, like MaryAnne, Strawberry Sandy, and Blackberry Brittany, [...]
2006-03-16 22:08 Boogie's Porn Blog
De la place pour Tous !
En effet, y'a de la place avec cet objet de décoration bien délire. Nouveau sur votre droite, les meilleurs refferants du Blog sachant qu'après vérification, vous êtes plus de 60% à venir directement depuis vos Favoris, c'est plus qu'encourageant pour l'avenir... Bon 5 nouvelles galleries photos proposées ce soir 1/2/3/4/5... Rappel: Le site de Ren...
2006-03-16 21:53 LE BLOG ADULTE
Passing the Hat
I am so ashamed to do this, but it needs to be done.Longtime readers will know what's been going on. I have a few paying possibilities lined up in the near future, but because of invoice dates and all that, I won't be able to make rent in full in 2 weeks.I know how some people feel about online begging; if you're opposed to it, please refrain from contributing. Things are tough all over, I know,
2006-03-16 21:26 Overworked & Underf*cked™
Waning Moon, Waxing Philosophical
The image of this lady's ass in the air makes me want to commune with the higher mind. Butt (pun intended), my horoscope today talks about depths. The planet Pluto is used as a heuristic for depths, a touchstone if you will. This is the planet of sex and extremes. Ever notice how extreme philosophies tend to have radical views about sex (or none at all which can be seen as a statement in it...
2006-03-16 21:18 Woodshed Spanking Blog
Artist Cees Krijnen has collaborate.. with with Freundenthal/Verhage.. Jason Wallis-Johnson and Oscar Süleyman to create this striking image which is both fantasy based and humorous. Taking from a story book, childlike background, the work injects the penal imagery and literally...
2006-03-16 21:14
The Glory Box
Enter The Glory Box, a mysterious chamber full of dark, erotic secrets—or in more prosaic terms, an interesting erotic literature and fetish photography website that's heavy on the latex, pointy heels, smoking, and stern-faced mistresses with whips and chains at the ready (with a groveling, masked gimp thrown in for good measure). There isn't much by way of actual nudity, but once you get an...
2006-03-16 21:07 Fleshbot
el sí de las niñas
Hace unos años estaba yo sentada en una terraza con una amiga y su hija de tres años cuando una completa desconocida se acercó y le dijo: ¡uy qué niña más guapa! ¿Cómo te llamas bonita? Y ella le respondió: ¿Y a tí qué te importa? La señora nos miró, nos resopló y de un taconazo se marchó murmurando ¡Vaya lengua que tiene la niña! Con lo mona que es... Mi amiga, sin embargo, se ...
2006-03-16 21:05 La Petite Claudine
The New Porn Apartheid - Luke Fords Rebuttal Rebutted
Britain’s Arena Magazine recently wrote a piece entitled “The New Porn Apartheid”. You can read it yourself here: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. I read it in print in January but didn’t think to comment on it. After reading Luke Ford’s rebuttal I feel compelled to join the debate. I let the piece slide initially because I was (and am) of the impression that racism in porn – like fixed results...
2006-03-16 20:51 SugarBank
Happy half nekkid thursday!
2006-03-16 20:48 Creative Nights In
Karina nue dans un sauna
Karina nue dans un sauna. Karina nue au sauna... Ca rime vraiment bien! L'épreuve du sauna, c'est la chaleur, une chaleur torride mais non éprouvante et un besoin irrépressible de se laisser aller, de se glisser dans un univers...
2006-03-16 20:28 ToucheSexy
I've never wanted to be a pinata till now.
I've never wanted to be a pinata till now.
2006-03-16 20:21 nakedcityboys
So. Only girls go wild? Really?
Via Rey at SpiritSex there's the much-reported AMA report warning *girls* about going wild over spring break. Rey makes one point that also bugged me (and a lot of other people) when the story came out The article also touches on the risk of spreading disease and unwanted pregnancy. Yet again there is the implication that women are the ones who shoulder the responsibility while men do not shar...
2006-03-16 20:18 Figleaf's Real Adult Sex
Blog erotique : Sexe, Love 'N Gaudriole
Blog érotique : Sexe, Love 'N Gaudriole. Au revoir, SexActu, blog sur la sexualité et les petits trucs marrants coquins au quotidien. Maïa Mazaurette est l'égérie journalistique du nouveau blog sexy Sexe, Love 'N Gaudriole de l'écurie Fluctuat où...
2006-03-16 20:03 ToucheSexy
The Goo Gobler
The Goo Gobler - Flash Animation Looks like our old friend Utopex finally found a buyer! The people at BoinkCams are currently ramping up their site, which will feature the full line of Utopex toys, including their spanker and "Homage...
2006-03-16 19:43 Slashdong
Sofia Quintero's Divas Don't Yield - recommendation and contest
Divas Don't YieldThis is a fabulous road trip book by Sofia Quintero, aka Black Artemis - check out Amazon for more details and her blog there and after you read it, enter to win an iPod or $50 iTunes gift card
2006-03-16 19:17 LUSTY LADY
Allianz Arena Munich (Lego Version)
See all pics ...
2006-03-16 19:07 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
Uploaded for Sandy
2006-03-16 18:44 From the Desk of Dr. Holly Goodhead
don't let the grass grow under your.... yeah
Well, there's no sense in sitting around moping, so yesterday, about two hours after I got the memo, I was on the hunt. Fuckers fired me, they can pay for my job search. I found an advertisement in the Alibi (our local rag) for fetish models. What the hell, I thought. I feel like I've been sold into something repugnant when I walk in the doors of most businesses. It's buried ickiness; no one will ...
2006-03-16 18:33 mouthybitch
Kate Moss' Gold Vibrator
Kate Moss has apparently bought a 24-karat gold plated vibrator for $350....
2006-03-16 18:24 FLAUNTING IT | You Know You Want It
Tucker Max sued
Tucker Max is being sued (also, according to this article, he's a "socialite," a term I've rarely, if ever, heard applied to a guy.) Suing someone over allegations about their sex life...sound familiar, Steinbuch? Once again, unlike Tucker Max and half my acquaintances, I am not a lawyer so am just sharing my legally uninformed opinions on these issues, and in this case, I know very little about i...
2006-03-16 18:21 LUSTY LADY
(I wrote this some time ago for a friend, because it seemed to me to be relevant to some things that were going on in her life. It's also connected to something quite impersonal that I have written for here, to be posted soon.)I once loved someone, quite passionately, and he did not love me.Not yet.He loved me later, and he loved me before, and this is the story about it.He always loved me in bed,...
2006-03-16 18:21 Eros, Logos
2006-03-16 18:17 CUBEMBOM
Vagina analogues
Interesting. If you can buy it at a bookstore, how come you can't see a photo of it in a newspaper? The idea that the newspaper would have censored the picture had they caught it is kind of disturbing. See Word A cute thing happened on the way to court-martial Monday. Baltimore Sun photographer Amy Davis shot Sgt. Jennifer Scala, a witness in a military prosecution of alleged Abu Ghraib guard misc...
2006-03-16 18:15 Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame
2006-03-16 18:14 CUBEMBOM
Drawing Restraint 9
"Drawing Restraint 9" premieres on March 28 at MoMA and plays at the IFC Center thereafter. The film chronicles the romantic courtship of collaborators Matthew Barney and Björk upon a Japanese whaling ship in Nagasaki Bay, culminating in the duo flaying one another with flensing knives, transforming into whales, and swimming away together. A show of DR9 related art opens April 7 at Gladstone Gall...
2006-03-16 18:03 The Reverse Cowgirl
Wie niet tegen bloot of homo's kan, komt Nederland niet in
2006-03-16 18:00
Advice Column
My good friend FanTC has started an advice column for you sad, unfortunate fucks who cant find your own way through life. Rely on the great FanTC to lead you through the darkness. His first letter, he showed me screenshots to confirm that it is real, comes from some sad lady who cant get her [...]
2006-03-16 17:52 Boogie's Porn Blog
Le barebacking en question
Bon promis, c’est le dernier post sur les grandes théories matooiennes du porno que je vous tire de mon chapeau. Mais tout de même ce n’est pas une petite question, ni une petite remise en question. Et cette prise de conscience est évidemment bien plus manifeste est saillante chez les homos puisque tout simplement, nous avons perdu une bonne partie des acteurs de porno gay des années 80 du...
2006-03-16 17:44 JOURNAL DU PORN
Susan Wright's To Serve and Submit book party
To Serve and SubmitSusan Wright read from To Serve and Submitl at In The Flesh last night and I wanted to pass along this info about her party:Book Launch and BDSM Play Partyfor To Serve and Submitby Susan Wright Friday, April 14KFMK Galleries515 W. 29th St (between 10 & 11th), NY, NY7pm-1am$20, 18 and over Pass the handcuffs instead of the hors d'oeuvres, this isn't your usual book launch party! ...
2006-03-16 17:40 LUSTY LADY
2006-03-16 17:32 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 17:29 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 17:27 CUBEMBOM
Rare Used Porno Mags
While the idea of buying a used girly mag might provoke a reaction similar to that of buying used underwear, you completists might be willing to overlook a few sticky pages for the final piece to your collection of titles like "Bachelor," "Rogue," and "Scamp." In the meantime, you can check out the covers of a wide range of titles, including vintage and niche publications, through their online ca...
2006-03-16 17:18 Fleshbot
2006-03-16 17:17 CUBEMBOM
POR Gotinha
2006-03-16 17:13 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 17:11 CUBEMBOM
Why do men have nipples?
Can you lose a contact lense in the back of your head?Does wet or cold weather cause a cold?Is it dangerous to hold in a sneeze?Is there really a wrinkle cure?Does spicy food cause ulcers?Why do some people have an 'outie' belly button and some people have an 'innie'?Is it dangerous to pop spots?Does cranberry [...]
2006-03-16 17:08 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
Roses Fanclub …
On the fifteenth of March 1999 a set of pictures of a lovely woman named Rose wereposted at Voyeurweb. The reaction was instantaneous, and very positive. The Bulletin Board came alive with people saying nice things about Rose's Pictures. To everyones amazement Rosereplied to each and everycomment, and it soon wasapparent that she was not [...]
2006-03-16 17:04 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
SEX BLOG:: Melissa Theuriau - Topless French Anchorwoman!
So what do you think about the "very popular" French Anchorwoman - Melissa Theuriau? She goes from this... To this... Can you see why she's so popular?  Yep, she's one hot number!  Can't imagine what you guys are thinking when you're watching the news each &nbs.. to see more of Melissa?  Jump on over here and eat your heart out!  Enjoy, Sexy Donna 
2006-03-16 16:57 Sex blog: thongs, boobs, and booty paradise!
Last Century of Spankings …
The nostalgia of the last century of lawful spankingsAlmost every family celebration was accompanied by spanking. There were so called "Birthday Spankings" very common.
2006-03-16 16:53 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
Christine BOISSON
2006-03-16 16:52 CUBEMBOM
First-Timers hits bookstores April 10th!
Just got the good word that early copies of my anthology First-Timers: True Stories of Lesbian Awakening are in, and the book hits stores April 10th! Woo-hoo! You can pre-order it now on Amazon, and let me just be immodest for a second and say it's got a really stellar, fabulous lineup and is really diverse - there's strangers, pickups, trannies, kink, fisting, and much more!First-Timers: True Sto...
2006-03-16 16:48 LUSTY LADY
Woman Thou Art God
Divine Maternity is the Image that is most appropriate to our hearts. It speaks of our Progenitor, our Source, and our unconditional lover. That special bond with Mother coincides with our love of God - they both represent the Source of our life. Humanity must return to that Sacred image and Matriarchy is coming. The [...]
2006-03-16 16:48 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
Optical Illusions
Check it out ...
2006-03-16 16:32 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog
Doux si doux
Note : Bon anniversaire papa (: Le chiffre du jour : TACHES DOMESTIQUES (ménage, courses, soins aux enfants, jardinage, bricolage): une femme y passe en moyenne 4h36 par jour, contre 2h13 pour un homme (Insee). Je ne sais pas si on peut compter le bricolage de doudouX, là. Emberlificotée ICI : En hébreu maintenant...
2006-03-16 16:30 De l'autre côté des cailloux
he sits!
img_2296.jpg Originally uploaded by BK 10012.
2006-03-16 16:29 LUSTY LADY
I'm gonna geek out for a few minutes here
img_2323.jpg Originally uploaded by BK 10012. Because my baby cousin Adam is just too cute!
2006-03-16 16:28 LUSTY LADY
Strange …
The Full Service Airline (TFSA)Of course from Japan (Link via E-Mail - THX)
2006-03-16 16:27 Funny Sexy Strange by Creamlog

I have never been so busy all my life. Ever. Not even during the A levels. But then again, there have been holidays where I was more busy than when I had been preparing for my A levels. So. My teenage lesbian film is not coming together just the way I want. I filmed Tori and [...]
2006-03-16 16:26
Screw yourself, I'm on-line
Imagine a world where we spent 4 hours a day having sex and only 15 minutes watching TV. I bet people had a lot more sex in the days before TV (and definitely before the Internet). Boomers prefer to watch TV than have sex: study A new study suggests Canadian baby boomers are more likely to fall asleep watching Law and Order than exchanging an intimate caress with their partner. The Ipsos-Reid surv...
2006-03-16 16:25 Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame
Deuce La Cock
Still can't get enough of hot skinny dudes in ironic undergarments? It's your (and our) lucky week! The mysterious Deuce La Cock doesn't seem to have completely finished his website yet, but there's more than enough eye- and boner-popping goodness to keep you occupied while you're waiting for him to finish his blog and "Boxers or Briefs" and "I Am Deuce La Cock" sections; in the meantime, perusi...
2006-03-16 16:16 Fleshbot
SEX BLOG:: Our Newest "Sites We Crave"
Jump on over and visit our newest additions to "Sites We Crave"!  Oh yes... they're mighty fine! Top Sex Blogs - the best of the best sex blogs! Naked Loft Party - where everyone wants to be naked! - fine pornography since 2006
2006-03-16 16:13 Sex blog: thongs, boobs, and booty paradise!
The CyberSave Team is launching the Free version of CyberSave, the unusual screensaver. The principle of this screensaver lays in a web tracking of CyberSave’s users. By consulting the map, you can follow its evolution all over the world. You...
2006-03-16 16:03
Miss Kinky Thickness!
Regular reader and contributor DarkLordBri sent in these ace pics of his "friend", who calls herself Miss Kinky Thickness. (Great name!) I'm sure you'll all agree that these pics are sexy and we would love to see more! Thanks again guys - Calvin
2006-03-16 16:01 Welovebiggirls
Morning Wood
· We'll let the rest of you argue whether Adriana Lima is really a virgin or not; we're just content to watch her roll around the beach in a leather jacket. (GQ @ · The New York Time presents a slideshow to teach you ever· ything you need to know about Burlesque 101. Alas, nothing is ever as easy as it looks. (; registration required) · Po...
2006-03-16 15:58 Fleshbot
A Great Submission From Bubba
Thanks, Man. Calvin
2006-03-16 15:55 Welovebiggirls
How to spark any woman's interest.
There is a very simple and efficient way to spark any woman's interest. I could write an entire book on the subject but I am not interested in making money on such a thing. As you can tell there is no advertisment or any other money making mechanism on this blog. I write here only to inspire people, not for cash. I make enough money in life that I don't have to make money in everything I do. I sh...
2006-03-16 15:48 On Relationships
From The Message Board...
Another super cute blonde - this is getting to be a bit of a habit today! I can't remember who posted these originally so i apologise for not crediting you. Thanks anyway. Calvin
2006-03-16 15:43 Welovebiggirls
Dungeon Punishments -- from
I’ve been enjoying the offerings from Pain Gate of late, because they’ve taken to putting together some excellent historical punishment tableaus, complete with dungeons, whips, nettles, switches, and cute girls: Yummy!
2006-03-16 15:42 Spanking Blog
SEX BLOG:: Ed's Thongs and Booty Babe Pic Of The Day! 3/16/06
I Love Red!! Ed's Thongs and Booty Babe Pic Of The Day! Photo via Hotbox Babes - where the word "Hotbox" fits these gals! Send us your sexy thong and booty babe pic to be featured here.
2006-03-16 15:33 Sex blog: thongs, boobs, and booty paradise!
Some Random Big Boob Pics
Clearing out my oddments folder and found these great pics. Enjoy! Calvin
2006-03-16 15:23 Welovebiggirls
Mrs Starr Boob Slip
Okay , so it doesn’t TECHNICALLY count as a boob slip because it’s off a paysite’s tour, but…it’s a good tour, it’s a good site, and it just cracked me up for some reason. Maybe I look at too much porn. It’s just that oh so subtle look she’s giving the camera. [...]
2006-03-16 15:20 Mrs. Robinson's Milf Blog
SEX BLOG:: Today's Sex News For Your Sexual Interest - 3/16/06
Your Daily Sex News Just For Your Sexual Appetite! Dancer Loses Job Due To Large Breasts Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman says he may have the first-of-its-kind case -- a Broadway dancer fired because her breasts grew too large.  Dancer Alice Alyse told the New York Post she was making $130,000 in the touring company... more   Porn Euros Being Passed Off As Real Fake porn euro notes...
2006-03-16 15:18 Sex blog: thongs, boobs, and booty paradise!
Reading at In The Flesh last night
IMGP2820 Originally uploaded by Alice Ayers. Thank you so so much to Alice Ayers for all the photo taking and help with raffle tickets, and GirlyNYC for help with the raffle and candy passing out. As soon as a new person walked in the door, they were ON IT, tearing off a raffle ticket. I think I gave away maybe 15 things - definitely a lot! I had a great, great time and hope everyone e...
2006-03-16 15:15 LUSTY LADY
A Yummy Pic
2006-03-16 15:08 Welovebiggirls
Fruity Babes
Fruity Babes holds more than 200,000 pictures and more than 100 hours of super high quality videos of awesome teens doing dildo's, getting fucked and while their at it lick some cunt just for the heck of it. Be prepared, it's time to pull you pants down and start jerking to masses and masses [...]
2006-03-16 15:06 One Sexy Blog
April 19th is True Sex Confessions Night!
You don't want to miss this one!IN THE FLESH EROTIC READING SERIESTRUE SEX CONFESSIONS NIGHTWEDNESDAY APRIL 19 at 8 PMAT HAPPY ENDING LOUNGE, 302 BROOME STREET(B/D to Grand, J/M/Z to Bowery, F to Delancey, http://www.happyendi.. FreeHappy Ending Lounge: 212-334-9676http://i.. April, New York’s hottest personalities share their 100% true sex...
2006-03-16 15:06 LUSTY LADY
Naked Hippies In Love -- from
Judging by the hair and the beads and the vintage tones of the color photography, this happy scene from alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. exhibitionism might date all the way back... (See the rest at Eros Blog)
2006-03-16 15:00 ErosBlog -- The Sex Blog
Boobs. Bath. Bubbly.
This looks like a very fun place to be.... Calvin
2006-03-16 15:00 Welovebiggirls
Good morning, world gone mad
Yesterday I posted about the school teacher who bit a kid during a physical altercation. Today, there's a story about a college professor who allegedly chomped the leg of a Good Samaritan. WTF! University Official Allegedly Bites Man Police charged a university official after he allegedly bit a man in the calf when the man stopped to help him after a car accident. Robert E. Mays, 64, an associate ...
2006-03-16 14:53 Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame
Cute Blonde
2006-03-16 14:46 Welovebiggirls
FetishFlame 15.0 - March 16, 2006 - Part 1: Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence, the Ultimate Kinky Couple
Drs. Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence, founders of the Center for Sex and Culture and our favorite pervy couple, join us for a fun, sexy, and educational conversation. They share some of their adventures over the last 16 years together as they've worked and played in the sexual realm, and give some great advice on how to be a single guy at a sex party or event. FetishFlame 15.0 - March 16, 2006...
2006-03-16 14:39 Fetish Flame
Vincent Stephens
If it’s difficult to find an artist that favors well-rounded women, it seems downright impossible to find one who features women of color in their creative works. Thankfully Vincent Stephens is working hard to correct this injustice with his...
2006-03-16 14:25 Lucid Skin
Interview with Jeffrey Yamaguchi of 52 Projects
Gothamist interview with Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Writer, Website Pubisher, Online Marketer This one's very long but well worth reading - all about 52 Projects, creativity, and doing what you love.
2006-03-16 14:20 LUSTY LADY
Gankin' the Internets
1) As a girl who grew up with mostly male cousins, and a brother who teased me mercilessly, I really enjoy the Todd t-shirts. I could spend days in here.. 2) Know how you find a site and link and link? Again, gimme a blanket and a bag of Oreos, and I’ll be camping out in here for a while. 3) WHAT? You want to jam cell phones in movie theatres? Are you out of your frickin’cotton’p..
2006-03-16 14:20 Mona's Barbaric Yawp
Le playmate degli Zebrahead
Un'altra segnalazione ci porta ad ammirare il video "Playmate of the year" dei californiani Zebrahead, nella versione non censurata scovata su YouTube.
2006-03-16 14:17 softblog
Le playmate degli Zebrahead
Un'altra segnalazione ci porta ad ammirare il video "Playmate of the year" dei californiani Zebrahead, nella versione non censurata scovata su YouTube.
2006-03-16 14:17 softblog
2006-03-16 14:08 CUBEMBOM
POR Gotinha
2006-03-16 13:59 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 13:52 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 13:50 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 13:49 CUBEMBOM
2006-03-16 13:48 CUBEMBOM
Anna Kournikova
2006-03-16 13:42 CUBEMBOM CHRISTOPHE V...
http://www.freshnude.. VERMARE [*Photographer]http:..
2006-03-16 13:40 CUBEMBOM
Dwight Yoakam is a fucking magic man. I love him s...
Dwight Yoakam is a fucking magic man. I love him so much. Listening to 'hillbilly deluxe' right now. *scream of emotion* ....track two from this album is the one that I made Joe listen to, in order to convince him we should move to Nashville TN. You should listen to it too.... http://www.jessiekit.. *runs off to dance, and sing loudly to the coffee maker*...
2006-03-16 13:39 Like A Pony : JessieKitty's Personal Journal
The wind and the baby
New England winds can be harsh. Sometimes, I mute the TV and listen to it, building from a low rumble, then unleashing its power like a speeding 18-wheeler, and my house creaks and groans in protest. It blows empty recycle bins hundreds of yards down the street, and rips away roofing tiles. Even when I'm driving at 60 MPH, it nudges my car east or west with its angry strength, and I wonder where i...
2006-03-16 13:37 Hi, My Name Is Steve, and I Am a Sex Addict
Half-Nekkid Thursday: Pair of Sexy Legs!
Thanks to all of you for your very kind and thoughtful comments yesterday, they were most appreciated! I spent the entire day, except for seeing the Doctor, in bed asleep! Must have been very tired huh? Anyway, I feel much better today and the Doc says this thing is just going to take its time getting out of my system. Particularly bad strain of some nasty virus! More drugs and more rest, but
2006-03-16 13:19 The Secret Brain

Note to self: When I have practically begged Mac to step up His ownership of me, being a smartass when He asks if I am going to be a good girl is not the wisest thing to do. Smirking while being that smartass does not improve my situation. The verbal smack in the mouth was well deserved. Second note to self: Honesty is not always easy, but telling Him what is really wrong instead of trying to
2006-03-16 13:16 Submissive Reflections
2006-03-16 13:15 CUBEMBOM
Girls without inhibition
2006-03-16 13:07
2006-03-16 13:04 CUBEMBOM
Punished Cuckold Husbands
> 7 out of 20 Why you should visit 'Punished Cuckold Husbands': Intelligent discussions and suggestions for relationship based femdom. Why you shouldn't visit 'Punished Cuckold Husbands': You seek something less personal and more pornified. ‘As long as women have vaginas they can control the world. It is after all the only one thing in this world that men really want, and should be allowed to...
2006-03-16 12:48 SugarClick
yet another new drama (not so new though)
I wasn't going to post this - I typed it just to get it out, while we were driving... but decided maybe I needed some one else's perspective as well.  So here it is.  As is usual with my posts, it's long - so grab something to drink and lemme know what you think.LCPS: I'm not spellchecking so forgive the typos :)Well, I guess I've lost a member of the Calliah Fan Club.  Darn, andI ...
2006-03-16 12:45 A Kinky Woman's Guide to the Universe
I can hear you spanking my ass in my sleep
(Yes, that was a fairly-lame attempt to set my post title to the tune of “Singing In My Sleep” by Semisonic.) A couple of nights ago, I had an enjoyable dream in which I gave a spanking to an attractive blond woman with a nice round ass. My hand and a hairbrush were both used. The [...]
2006-03-16 12:42 The Orgy 2.0
Come navigare siti porno in sicurezza
Violet Blue ha scritto un tutorial per navigare in sicurezza siti web per adulti. Se state usando ancora Internet Explorer andate subito a leggere cosa rischiate, poi perlomeno installate Firefox e pulite la macchina. Poi in fondo alla pagina trovate quattro o cinque link di siti porno fatti bene, potete ricominciare a navigare da lì.
2006-03-16 12:41 softblog
Come navigare siti porno in sicurezza
Violet Blue ha scritto un tutorial per navigare in sicurezza siti web per adulti. Se state usando ancora Internet Explorer andate subito a leggere cosa rischiate, poi perlomeno installate Firefox e pulite la macchina. Poi in fondo alla pagina trovate quattro o cinque link di siti porno fatti bene, potete ricominciare a navigare da lì.
2006-03-16 12:41 softblog
Consider the life of 19-year old pigdog, the loyal slave of Daddy: She sleeps chained to the futon and dutifully drinks his morning piss. She does almost all the cooking and cleaning, tending to Daddy's every need, "switching from domestic slave to cockhungry whore as his whim dictates." Why should such a cute girl who could have plenty of guys at her beck and call submit to absolute servitude? Wr...
2006-03-16 12:38 Fleshbot
Questions From Readers: Childhood Spanking
Ah. The inevitable question in the mail: “Were you spanked as a child?” I know women in the scene who fly into a rage at being asked this question: they don’t like the thought of their childish selves being sexualised. Me, I don’t mind, because I don’t view my kid entity separately from my grown up [...]
2006-03-16 12:36 Adele Haze's "Spanking Model Speaks"
Fun with
Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to all the readers last night and everyone who came out - it was packed, and we were treated to truly some of the world's finest erotic voices reading humorous, dark, disturbing and sexy work, and I gave away SO much stuff. And there were brownies and cupcakes! And the bouncer and bartender won books. That was cool.I'm still digging out from under, and this weekend have a...
2006-03-16 12:26 LUSTY LADY
Johnny on the Spot
As far as we're concerned, Johnny Hazzard has everything it takes to be the perfect pornstar: looks, brains, talent, and the all-important lack of humility. Dan Renzi at Qweerty reports that Johnny was overheard talking about his star turn in "Wrong Side of the Tracks" after it swept the GayVN awards last week: "And it won Best Picture! It was just like "Crash"!" (Which is exactly what an award-w...
2006-03-16 11:54 Fleshbot
Photos by Vlad Gansovsky
When I finally do break into the porn scene as an actor, I think I want my name to be Vlad the Impaler. How awesome would that be? My scene partners would quiver in anticipation just at the sound of my nom de porn. This Russian photographer is also named Vlad, and I'm not sure if that makes him my competition or what. But even if he is my arch rival, I'd still try to come off cool and unconcerned...
2006-03-16 11:50 Fleshbot
Man Junk on Mich. Ave
Last evening, I was driving home on Michigan Avenue when I thought I saw The Direction Man. He was the guy who used to stand in front of a strip mall and point drivers in the right direction near a Michigan U-turn. I haven’t seen him since it got cold outside. Trying to see if it was actually him, I peered closer when I realized it wasn’t him. It was another dude, sitting there with a Styrofoa...
2006-03-16 11:47 Flirty Kitty
ou... uma partida a sério . É caso para se amigos assim, quem precisa de
2006-03-16 11:39 MINETE REAL
2006-03-16 11:14 CUBEMBOM
Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Widely Over Reported
There are finally some statistics to back up something I've been pointing out for a while; vaginal cosmetic surgery (or “vaginal rejuvenation” as it's called) is far from one of the "fastest growing sectors" of cosmetic surgery. Statistics released today...
2006-03-16 11:09 About Sexuality
A slight amusement.
An extensive tour was to be had today of the Waterfront City Dockland Studios, where we got to peruse our future set location spaces, well not quite yet but the damn things were just so obviously empty, the last thing having been filmed there being Ghost... something featuring Nicholas Cage. But we were escorted around and the woman took notice of Travis and I because we were the only two in our
2006-03-16 10:30 muffboxfilms
..... and
2006-03-16 09:24 From the Desk of Dr. Holly Goodhead
Sylvia Bayo
The pretty pornstar of 70ths.
2006-03-16 08:43 Retro and Vintage Porn Stars
Sylvia Mc Farland
The adult entertainer of 70ths.
2006-03-16 08:37 Retro and Vintage Porn Stars
Flickr delicious_honey713's photos
LINK quote [Girls Just Want to Have Fun]. (via softblog)
2006-03-16 08:33 Unscathed Corpse
Nayantara’s hot song X Mirchi from Ghajini
Here’s one of my favourite songs featuring homely babe turned mod babe Nayantara in the song X Mirchi from the Tamil movie Ghajini. Important:- To run the M4V file you will need to download iTunes. And since the AVI file (excellent quality) is DivX encoded, you will need the DivX Player to [...]
2006-03-16 08:10 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
stephen colbert's bestselling manjuice
On last night's Colbert Report, TV's Stephen Colbert did a short, hilarious segment on mysterious sperm donor 401, whose sperm was apparently in extremely high demand before the donor stopped jacking off for extra cash. If you read the nonfiction...
2006-03-16 08:04 violet blue
Devika - Uma Maheshwari erotic sex scene
Here’s another hot erotic Mallu movie scene featuring booby babe Devika and Uma Maheshwari. The scene shows Devika removing her panties and trying to ride her mute servant who, as the pic shown above gets to fondle her massive boobies. Uma Maheshwari and a lucky fellow are also having a romping [...]
2006-03-16 08:02 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Happy HNT. Nursery rhyme edition
Deedle, deedle, dumpling my son John, Went to bed with his stockings on, One shoe off and one shoe on... Happy HNT (or Half-nekkid Thursday), Obasso. There's not much Irish on my side of the family but I'll be making corned-beef and cabbage and scratch Irish soda bread for supper Friday night.)
2006-03-16 08:00 Figleaf's Real Adult Sex
Need Glasses?
LINK ...damn!(via Creamlog)
2006-03-16 07:46 Unscathed Corpse
Monk's Mind Game
LINK quote [Complete all four levels and help Monk ease his mind by carrying out the minor tasks he deals with throughout the day. But be quick about don't have much time!].(via jay is games)
2006-03-16 07:40 Unscathed Corpse
In Bloom
I was reading something Anastasia over at Sexualité wrote the other day, and in it she mentioned the term "defloration." And it got me to thinking how I've never really understood or identified with that concept at all. How anyone can think after the first time a woman has had sex that the "bloom is off the rose?" It makes no sense to me that a girl should be considered to be in "full bloom" ...
2006-03-16 07:26 sexeteria
Dildo fuck the girl using the mouse
A wonderful link sent in by KK of a webpage where you place the mouse cursor over the dildo and move the dildo into the girl’s pussy. And don’t forget to turn on the speaker’s. You can hear the girl moan too! Click here to dildo fuck the girl using mouse.
2006-03-16 07:21 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Half Nekkid Thursday - Green Skin
Is green skin taking Obasso's entreaty for things green leading up to St Patricks's day too far?
2006-03-16 07:14 Wilful Damage
Sex Advice: Woman Seduction
Women control the sex in a relationship. This isn’t nothing new to us. We know that we have to kiss ass and then some to get laid. It is all in their game plan. To understand why women control sex, we must understand women in general. Women, like most other creatures on this earth start [...]
2006-03-16 07:07 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Feature Dancer
New York Dolls, being a club in the Flashdancers chain, showed feature dancers. Feature dancers were usually ex-porn stars with 52JJJ fake breasts and overly sequined costumes who travel the country, dancing at a different city every week. They never mingled with us low level house girls. Feature dancers had a private dressing room. Ideally, the male customers are supposed to go wild for these ...
2006-03-16 06:59 ex-millennial girl
Shaved blonde uses sex toy
Here’’s another gallery of BangingBecky!! Banging Becky i a cute, slightly chubby, curvaceous blonde teen who gets down and nasty with guys, toys, and sauces! You can find more of her searching in the history of this site!! This gallery features her, a big pink sex toy, and her meaty pussy! Anyways, I got groomed today. [...]
2006-03-16 06:37 Kaori`s XXX Blog!!
HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day
She got on top of me facing me and held me cock and slid it into her wet pussy. I was playing with her bouncing breast when I wanted to get into another favorite position of mine; doggie style. With her atop the bed I grabbed her round booty and entered her from the rear. [...]
2006-03-16 06:32 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Hapless Burglar Bottoms Out - March 10, 2006
Hapless Burglar Bottoms Out - March 10, 2006: "MARCH 10--Meet Christopher Willever. In a commendable act of criminal perseverance, the 21-year-old Nebraska man continued to burglarize an Omaha tobacco store Monday night even after his pants slipped down and exposed his unclothed rear. After security cameras at the Tobacco Hut recorded the intruder in action during the March 6 thievery, local cops ...
2006-03-16 06:21 News for perverts |
Game: Sift Heads
Click here to play now! Play as Vinnie, who works for the Mafia in Chicago and sift enemy heads in different missions to earn money!!! Sign up for a 100% free account with to play exclusive XXX games.
2006-03-16 06:21 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Joke: 20 ways to say your fly is open!
20) The cucumber has left the salad. 19) I can see the gun of Navarone. 18) Someone tore down the wall, and your Pink Floyd is hanging out. 17) You’ve got Windows in your laptop. 16) Sailor Ned’s trying to take a little shore leave. 15) Your soldier ain’t so unknown now. 14) Quasimodo needs to go back in the tower [...]
2006-03-16 06:13 Debonairblog - Indian Sex Scandals
Half-Nekkid Happy St. Pat's Day
Well, I didn't get the message that HNTs were supposed to feature green until after I took the picture. So if it is any consolation to you, the couch is green. And if you squint real hard, the design on the cloth just might be shamrocks. If you have a couple beers in your system. Happy HNT to you.
2006-03-16 06:02 AlwaysArousedGirl
Porn Valley Dispatch: Scent of Briana
In addition to being about seven feet tall, Briana Banks smells good, and she expects you to as well. "I spend a lot of time coiffing and moisturizing," the Vivid Girl of five years said. "The least you can do is put on some deodorant." Banks was not referring to me, of course, but to the universal You of potential scene partners. More about Briana's needs after the gap. - G. Ponante - - - "...
2006-03-16 05:59 Fleshbot
Today was a "F" Day
It's been kinda a rough day. Started with getting a test back that I took last week and getting an F. I knew I didn't do good on the test but I didn't think I did that bad. Then at lunch, when I usually eat with my friend, I was about to go sit with him when I saw him sitting with this blonde. I'm a brunette and by nature I guess I have a distaste for blondes. I saw him talking to her the other da...
2006-03-16 05:40 Amy's Anal Sex Blog
Salvador Rivera Castillo
untitled by Salvador Rivera Castillo Published in El Amor en Línea y Letra (Chiapas, Mexico, 1999).
2006-03-16 05:33 Rare Erotica
Blizzard's CEO on WoW Ungaying
2006-03-16 05:15 MMOrgy
HNT #3
Fresh from the shower, I noticed the really beautiful winter afternoon light coming through the california shutters, so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I'm wearing nothing but a few rectangles of sunlight... (That counts as half-nekkid, right?) (I only got the St. Paddy's Day memo right this second and sadly I have no shots containing green. But rest assured, I will be drinking...
2006-03-16 05:14 Ava Adora
Bundotipos ou frutas ?
Pêssego careca. Pêra rocha. Maça reineta.
2006-03-16 05:10 BUNDABLOG
One last glance.
"You wouldn't leave me now, would you ? Not here, standing, with my burning desire to please you . To make you cum." (Okay, maybe I exaggerated this alittle) I turn my head, glanced at the pathetic sight of him. "With a physique like this? With such love-making skill ? That of, comparable to a boar ? I would rather, suck the orifices of a young virgin dry." We girls or women, should learn to say...
2006-03-16 05:08 Teenage Lolita
Bundotipos frutados II
Pêra rocha.
2006-03-16 05:06 BUNDABLOG
Bundotipos frutados III
Maçã reineta.
2006-03-16 05:01 BUNDABLOG
HNT - 30
Like many people, our theme for this week’s HNT photograph is St. Patrick’s Day.  On Friday, we’ll don our green clothes, green beads and green buckle hat and drink green beer into the wee hours of the morning. Now that we have the hang of it, we’ve noticed that our new digital Camera has much better [...]
2006-03-16 05:00 Married In Ohio
Explicite: Xandra
One of the things that’s disappointing to me—or perhaps just interesting; I haven’t figured out which yet—is the surprising lack of softcore erotica featuring models of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. There really isn’t an ethnorotic Met Art or Hegre Art or MC Nudes (okay, there is ATK Exotics but I wasn’t blown away by the site’...
2006-03-16 04:33 ethnorotica
Spanko Limericks Revisited
Those who have been reading MBS for a while might remember that I wrote some spanko limericks a while back.In honor of St. Patty's Day, I've cooked up a couple of new ones.There once was a pretty young brideWho wanted no kink left untriedWhile tied to a chairShe had to declareI do think my backside is friedThere once was a good wife named KittenWith spankings this woman was smittenHer man caned he...
2006-03-16 04:29 My Bottom Smarts
Desperately Seeking Denise
City Pages - Desperately Seeking Denise: "He had just moved his mother--the most important woman in his life, the woman he'd lived with his entire life--into a nursing home, and he'd recently had his heart broken by a woman he calls 'a flirt who played a game with me.' His dad died 20 years ago. He's 'never been intimate with anybody,' but when she kissed him on the night of February 28, 2004, he ...
2006-03-16 04:13 News for perverts |
Porque ainda compramos revistas de surf
Preferência nacional do mês. Fluir aqui.
2006-03-16 04:09 BUNDABLOG
Somehow, along the way, I became Lord Of The Dish Washing. I'm not quite sure how it happened. I don't think I have a natural skill for the job or anything, and it's not as if I applied for the position. It just sort of happened. It's quite possible Chelle, world renowned brat that she is, [...]
2006-03-16 03:58 ...Sweetness Follows
Oh No!
I forgot about yesterday, and obviously, I’m not the only one who forgot.  You’re probably saying forgot what?  Well I had come across some information that Valentine’s day was being role reversed on March 14th, and acquired the name Steak and BJ day …You can find out a little more about it at these Web [...]
2006-03-16 03:27 DH Blog Spicy
Bush Thinks Fags Will Tell All His Secrets
Bush Admin. Rewrites Legislation To Make It More Difficult For Homosexuals To Get Security Clearances... | The Huffington Post: "The Bush administration last year quietly rewrote the rules for allowing gays and lesbians to receive national-security clearances, drawing complaints from civil rights activists. The Bush administration said security clearances cannot be denied 'solely on the basis of ...
2006-03-16 03:14 News for perverts |
IMAGE LATENTE | LATENT IMAGE photo writings, visual stories
Above image by insousciance from her series Tri-X Image Latente | Latent Image is an excellent French art photo site described as: "...a virtual gallery dedicated only to photographic suites which tell stories. There may be words or none, a real account or none, and even beauty or none. What matters is the idea of a sequence: from one image to another, something is in progress: in the story,
2006-03-16 02:55 Art Nudes
An amateur spanking
Aunty is not sure if this girl is getting a birthday spanking ... But she does take 22 spanks. And that seems like an unusual number of swats if it's NOT based on her age.
2006-03-16 02:47 Aunty Agony
Some gay galleries, for those of you into that sort of thing
Papi.Com - Exclusive Gay Party Videos 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
2006-03-16 02:39 News for perverts |
Shadows, originally uploaded by wily_willy. Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:35 Not Work Safe
Bekah’s Boobies
Bekah’s Boobies, originally uploaded by aleman. Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:34 Not Work Safe
breast in hand
breast in hand, originally uploaded by jewelchip@sbcglobal... Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:33 Not Work Safe
Yello Knight
Yello Knight, originally uploaded by toeguru. Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:32 Not Work Safe
My hand…I can’t stop my hand!!!
My hand…I can’t stop my hand!!!, originally uploaded by DirtyRatBastard. Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:32 Not Work Safe
Paul Mahder Photography
American photographer Paul Mahder creates elaborate textured images using strictly traditional techniques and large format transparencies. He also does some very impressive photography with dancers in his "Flying Nudes" series. I don't know that I've ever heard of anyone else using a 4x5 view camera for this type of work. Paul Mahder Photography
2006-03-16 02:32 Art Nudes
Getting undressed for a night out, the slut!
Getting undressed for a night out, the slut!, originally uploaded by DirtyRatBastard. Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:31 Not Work Safe
crack, originally uploaded by Beautiful Things in the World. Technorati Tags:
2006-03-16 02:31 Not Work Safe
I was raised to be a lady. To always sit with my legs crossed, to hide my sexuality, to behave, so I would be presentable to a man… acceptable. I was taught to guard this virtue of virginity, to save and preserve myself for the moment when a man would come to take me and claim me as property. Though I find… I no longer wish to be a lady. I no longer wish to be presentable. I no longer w...
2006-03-16 02:30 lazy geisha
Check out my new blog!
I've got a brand-new blog here: http://www.buck-ange.. You can still read about me all the time here, but my new blog has lots of great features, go check it out! >WOOF!<br>B.. <a href="http:/www.tran..
2006-03-16 02:18 Buck Angel
¿A que muchas veces habeis visto chicas que lavan coches en videoclips musicales y cosas así?, pues ya era hora de que alguien se acordase de que a las chicas también nos gustaría que nos lavasen el coche ;) Via Sexoteric Blog
2006-03-16 02:15 Yo puta, SOLO +18
Naughty Office - Jenaveve
Check it out I’ve got one of the hottest bitches in porn right now in a brand new video from the NaughtyOffice so get ready and get comfortable because this shit is hot. So you already know the girl is Jenaveve Jolie and man if you recognize that name then you know whats up. [...]
2006-03-16 02:13 Southern Hip Hop & Porn
In your arms
Galería retro-fantástica de mujeres en brazos. Nunca antes había visitado una galería tan deliciosamente fetichista como esta, una web donde todas las imágenes tienen el punto en común de la presencia de una mujer inconsciente en brazos de un monstruo u hombre... La fascinación por ella... Si os gusta el tema os recomiendo el libro "Espectra" de Pilar Pedraza :) Gracias Alvy Singer...
2006-03-16 02:01 dadanoias
La caza del zorro I
No, no va de ese juego de los radioaficionados, ni de ingleses haciendo el loco a caballo persiguiendo a un animalito, no, lo mio puede ser más divertido y rentable, os cuento: Hay un señor en esta ciudad, según me cuenta Lia es un potente empresario del sector hostelero que tiene varios establecimientos en la zona, [...]
2006-03-16 01:58 Yo puta, SOLO +18
bacchus has given us a little fondle.
erosblog: the sex blog - 3/15/06 thank you baby! -kiss-...
2006-03-16 01:55 suburban sexpot
Vivid's Briana Banks Gets Banged RLD-Style
Just got back from the set of Manuel Ferrara's last shoot for Red Light District (before departing for Evil Angel), a joint RLD-Vivid production in which stunning, statuesque Vivid Girl Briana Banks got plowed RLD-style by Michael Stefano and John...
2006-03-16 01:34 AVN :: blog
TODAYI got a check and spent fifty dollars of it on six used books and one brand new: Counting Coup. I started reading it right away because the author, Larry Colton, is coming to town on Tuesday for a book-signing/discuss.. thingy and I want to be "prepared".I kind of love the way birth control hormones hold me on the brink of sentimental crying. Just looking at the COVER of this damned book m...
2006-03-16 01:30 The Wandering WebWhore
A burning bottom
Dailymotion blogged video OMG! What starts with a spanking ends, quite literally, in a burning bottom. Warning NOT for the squeamish! From: TPlanet
2006-03-16 01:30 Aunty Agony
Hedonistic Fun: April
Get the scoop just in time for scheduling your erotic fun next month. Warm, sunny Jamaica awaits at the Hedonism Resorts. The whole concept of a group of complexes built for the erotic traveler fascinates me greatly, and you'll find me reporting the inside scoop from one or
2006-03-16 01:15 Tara Tainton
Beware the Ides of March
This morning I woke up mad as hell… Last night I had a dream about black tornados ripping through town and an ex-girlfriend, which for me is about the equivalent of having a buzzard circling over my head, as far as omens are concerned. March has been difficult for me, just one big head fuck and we’re only halfway through the month. Awesome. My horoscope warned me. Told me just to sit back an...
2006-03-16 01:15 Queen of Cream: True Tales of the Sex Industry in the City
[video] the cramps: bikini girls and machine guns
I forgot for a minute how incredibly awesome The Cramps are until I saw this wonderfully kitschy psychobilly video from possibly when I was way too underage to even get near one of their albums. Player embed after the jump....
2006-03-16 01:08 violet blue
Monumentally giggly girl
2006-03-16 01:08 Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame
Why I Prefer Caucasian Subs/Slaves
While some Caucasian men think Asian Dommes are sublime, I personally believe that Caucasian men are the best candidates to serve me.I've seen a lot of the profiles of the Filipinos here, all seem to want only one thing: sex. These guys aren't really into servitude or humiliation or giving up control to a Domina, they just want kinky sex.I am not a Domme for sex. I enjoy humiliating men. I li...
2006-03-16 00:52 Domina Diary
Fred Kyrel
Great fetish compositions from French photographer Fred Kyrel.Issu du monde la Vido et adepte de l'Art numrique, j'aime la mise en scne, les ambiances dcales, la photo suggestive ou narrative. J'aime l'esthtique et la beaut, l'trange et la vrit ... j'aime la complicit, l'change et considre toujours une sance photo comme un instant privilgi, que je ne conois pas autrement que dans une ambiance de...
2006-03-16 00:36 Sexoteric Blog
Naked car wash
The ladies tip really well in this carwash.
2006-03-16 00:23 Sexoteric Blog
Things that turn guys off in women.
Have you ever dated a woman that swears and uses profanities in every sentence and in every situation? Well, I’ve dated a lot of different women but I could never take a pathological dirty mouth. It’s fine if they speak dirty while we are having sex, but otherwise it just turns me off. Speaking of this, like most men there are other things that turn me off. Here is my personal list. Do you sh...
2006-03-16 00:23 On Relationships
Resistance is Futile
Ava Adora:There sometimes comes a point, in a sexual relationship, when it ceases to be about fucking and sucking and impressing each other with bedroom skills, and starts being about each other. You stop worrying about whether you're pleasing him or if you're going to get off and just lose yourself in it.It happened last weekend, for him and I. The room was filled with flickering candlelight, whi...
2006-03-16 00:21 Sexoteric Blog
The Pebble
By Ren Magritte. Why is it called that? I don't know.
2006-03-16 00:16 Sexoteric Blog
Isn't that ... Homer Simpson?(Via Le Blog Adulte)
2006-03-16 00:11 Sexoteric Blog
Swearing in any language
How to swear in any language. A collection of dirty words from a whole bunch of languages. Like, here are some Arabic ones: Koos Cunt Nikomak Fuck your mother Sharmuta Whore Zarba Shit Kis Vagina Zib Penis Elif air ab tizak A thousand dicks in your ass! Kisich ...
2006-03-16 00:08 Sexoteric Blog
Wild At Heart, And Then Some
For those of you not familiar with Suzanne's HNTs, click the image to reveal just how wild she is :). The pictures were inspired by this news story. It's dedicated to HAMC.. For information about HNT click here
2006-03-16 00:01 AlexSuze

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